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The following individuals have collaborated with Jodi Kaplan on a long-term basis. Jodi Kaplan Films would like to acknowledge their significant contributions to In The Blood:

Lois Greenfield www.loisgreenfield.com, world-renowned dance photographer whose on-set and studio photography is integrated into the film.

Daniele Marracino www.dmdp.tv, Director of Photography, has worked with Jodi since she began filmmaking and has served as DP on several of her projects including Immersion and Wall.

Erin Elliot, Assistant Director/Creative Consultant, collaborated with Jodi on her other films including a featured role in Immersion, and as AD for Wall and Drowning (in post).

Bill Bragin, Sound Supervisor/Music Consultant, worked as sound supervisor on Kaplan's Wall, and is currently Program Director for Joe's Pub in NYC.

Dan Hadl, Production Advisor, is a producer in Los Angeles and is currently Finance Director for John Wells at Warner Brothers. Dan and Jodi went to film school together and have remained professional colleagues and close friends.

Peter Sciscioli, Development, has been working as Jodi Kaplan Films Associate since 2003 and assisted with all aspects of pre-production/production including casting and as AD for the Photo Shoot.

Kari Hansbarger www.bartokweb.com, Graphic/Web Design, has collaborated with Jodi Kaplan Films on all promotional materials connected with In The Blood. Kari has worked with Jodi for over two years on various projects and is in the process of completing a full film website for all of Jodi's film productions and services.

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