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Quotes from Team:

"Jodi Kaplan lives and breathes movement in its most fundamental form- she is like a dream catcher and movement is her net. What a pleasure to work with such a sweet and visionary director!" Daniele Marracino, Director of Photography

"We just laugh and create, it's a wonderful working experience. Jodi is always open to my input as well as the talented people around her.  She trusts the people she chooses to work with and in return we trust her. It is always an interesting process providing beautiful results." Erin Elliott, Assistant Director

"Jodi is not only a great director when it comes to working with the talent, she really allows the cameraman to get inside her head by describing the shots in terms of emotion rather than the mere mechanics. I found this incredibly refreshing and very rare in my many years as a Steadicam Operator." Alec Jarnagin, Steadicam Operator

"As a Unilux Technician I rarely have an opportunity to work on a film that has as much creativity as In The Blood. Jodi pushed the boundaries of the Unilux technology with results that I found astonishing. It was one of the most interesting and fulfilling production experiences I have ever had." Tom Hamilton, Unilux Technician

"It was a real treat to work on such an artsy and experimental film, especially
having a background in dance. Jodi's approach to filmmaking captures movement as
well as the human spirit in a way I have never been seen before."
Alexis Kaloyanides, Production Designer

"In the Blood was one of the most fun film shoots I have been a part of! The cast and crew were so dedicated to the project." Megan Cronin, Stills Photographer

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